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Wiscannabiz    Law Blog

A legal Resource Hub for Wisconsin Cannabis Businesses  

Wiscannabiz Law Blog


Wisconsin is on the cannabis wagon, and Wiscannabis Law Blog is a forum for businesses and entrepreneurs interested in obtaining useful information and practical insights regarding the cannabis industry. 


In an industry where the law is in constant flux, we aim to help businesses keep informed on the complex regulations and laws affecting the industry. 


Topics covered on here range from legal compliance to useful business tips. The cannabis industry implicates an array of several legal considerations and factors, thus, our blog is aimed at providing Wisconsin businesses and entrepreneurs with the information they need to stay compliant and abreast on the ever-changing landscape of the industry. Our write-ups shall include business side matters including topics relating to company formation, drafting contracts, compliance, and litigating business disputes. 


It is our hope that you find our blog informative and practical. 



About OVB Law & Consulting, S.C.

We are at the forefront of counseling and representing businesses interested in engaging with the Wisconsin Cannabis Industry.


We are attorneys who think like entrepreneurs. We take a concierge approach to the practice of the law. We strive to create long-term partnerships with clients built on a foundation of responsive communication and practical solutions.

We align our interests with those of our clients through transparent billing practices. We don’t allow rigid and archaic billing practices curb our passion in representing our clients’ interests. The Firm offer’s flexible pricing and billing arrangements to suit each client’s specific needs, including flat fees, monthly retainers, and agreeable caps for hourly projects and representations.



Emil Ovbiagele & Samantha Huddleston

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